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pdf Nogalska et al-The zinc (Zn) content of milk from high-yielding cows depending on their age and location day (396 downloads)
pdf Rogóż et al-After-effect of lithium and organic matter doses on the content and distribution of heavy metals in faba bean (280 downloads)
pdf Roman et al-Silver and zinc transfer from the environment to the selected bee products (438 downloads)
pdf Sądej et al-Content of zinc, copper and manganese in biomass of Virginia fanpetals (Sida hermaphrodita Rusby) fertilized with sewage sludge composts (362 downloads)
pdf Sperkowska et al-Determination of manganese, iron, copper and zinc in the multi-herbal functional products (MHF) used as dietary supplements (450 downloads)
pdf Stanisławska-Glubiak et al-Evaluation of the possibility of growing Jerusalem artichoke energy purposes on soils contaminated with heavy metals (285 downloads)
pdf Styczyńska et al-Content of minerals and toxic trace elements in meat, fish bones and tissues of breeded freshwater fish (480 downloads)
pdf Tkaczyk et al-Content of assimilable microelements in topsoil and their dependence on physicochemical properties (514 downloads)
pdf Wierzbowska et al-Mineral fertilization and trace element content in the milk thistle achenes (Silybum marianum (L.) Gartner) (446 downloads)
pdf Wiśniewska-Kadżajan et al-Fraction of lead, cadmium and nickel in selected organic materials (333 downloads)
pdf Wyszkowski-Effect of copper pollution on the content of trace elements in soil (476 downloads)
pdf Zonova et al-Toxicological analysis of bee honey as a tool of environment contamination assessment (541 downloads)
pdf Żurek et al-Effect of salicylic acid to reduce the toxicity of copper in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) seedlings (301 downloads)
pdf Łoźna et al-Contents of essential and toxic elements in selected species of nuts and seeds (397 downloads)